Kavi Yogi Shuddhananda Bharathi

More than 300 books of Kavi Yogi has been printed. But we have only around 30. If you have copy of any of the books not uploaded here kinldy contact us

Kavi Yogi Maharshi Shuddhananda Bharathi was born in the family of saints, was a great Yogi, renowned poet, an educationist and a great teacher. Born in 1896, he attained Maha Samadhi in 1990.

He was initiated in Raja Yoga by a great saint by name Jnana Siddha at the age about 6 years. He had great devotion to the goddess Meenakshi, at Madurai. When he fell at the feet of the Goddess, he got a Divine awakening in him, which, he used to say, continued till the last days of his life.

Then he met many saints, including, his own grand father, Poornananda, Swami Narasihma Bharathi of Sringeri, St. Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo, St Gnanananda Giri, St. Siddharuda, St. Meher Baba, and a host of many others and got their spiritual powers.

His main aim was making the system of Yoga available to all common people, particularly, household persons. It was the time, when people thought that taking Sanyasa was the only way to absolute bliss and a life sans worries and death. He formulated a synthetic Yoga named as Sama Yoga. This yoga contains the good of all the important Yogas and is highly suitable for a normal person to follow.

So the kernel of his teaching starts with the first sentence "you need not leave your home life or honest profession". He has written more than thousand books, most of them teaching how to convert the day to day life into an effective yoga. His magnum opus "Bharatha Shakthi" runs to 50,000 lines of simple poetry and it has won many awards from Government.